BBDO Guerrero launches Mountain Dew “Playable Pre-Roll” ads for Gamer Hub

To launch Dew Gamer Hub in the Philippines, BBDO Guerrero created a pre-roll campaign with a difference. To bring people to the site – a place for all the latest news and content in gaming – the agency produced a series of playable 8-bit games that enable gamers to spend more time with the brand.

The three games: ‘EDSA,’ ‘Balete Drive’ and ‘Intramuros’ use local landmarks – and feature unique Filipino characters that would be particularly relevant to local gamers – such as the ’Tikbalang’ (half-man, half-horse) and Manananggal (a ghoul that flies with its own wings).

The games work using native YouTube annotations so that when players hit buttons in the video, the player can jump, shoot and blast their way through the action. Players tend to move on from one game to the next. Meaning, that engagement with the brand is maximized. In fact, people are spending around 12 times longer on these than the average pre-roll. The games have rave reviews from retro-gamer groups and there are already plenty of suggestions for new games.

PepsiCo Head of Beverages Mikey Rosales said, “We are always looking for new ways to engage with our diverse audiences and these playable pre-roll ads really connected with the passionate gamers that love Mountain Dew.”

Creative Chairman David Guerrero said: “This idea shows that innovation doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate but is a question of looking at resources we already have in front of us and using them to the best effect.”

Creative team was Dale Lopez (ECD), Rachel Yulo, Rizza Garcia, Eira Gemanil and Gail Narcisa. Video editing was by Nat Burgos and production by Flare Manila.