Bayer Philippines | Beauty is a Choice



As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, Bayer has a simple mission – to improve people’s lives. This was even more relevant for women in the Philippines where sexual and reproductive health issues were responsible for one third of women’s health issues[1].

Bayer wanted to put forward their women’s health arm, led by a beauty pill with contraceptive effects, with the objective of being at the forefront of enhancing women’s health in the Philippines. By doing this, Bayer hoped to improve women’s health literacy, in turn, driving knowledge about the importance of medicine to care for oneself. But there was one more communication challenge, we wouldn’t be allowed to call out the product name due to restrictions on the promotion of prescription drugs in the Philippines. And on top of that, we faced entrenched regulatory and cultural barriers on the promotion of contraception.



  • Kidlat Awards 2018 - Digital Solutions
  • Kidlat Awards 2018 - Film (Best Art Direction)
  • adobo Design Asia Awards 2018 - Film Advertising (Finalist)