• Danilo Abrasaldo

    Executive Driver

    Angela Alcala


    Fluent in English, Tagalog, and Bocce

    Steve Alcaraz


    Erika Alinell

    Senior Account Manager

    Work is life but life is life-er

    Ochie Almario

    IT Assistant

    I'm only one call away... ♪♪♪

    Georgina Angsanto

    Creative Director

    Never stop learning,

    ‘cause someone will always be crazier than you.

    Daryl Apor


    OPEN 24/7

    Arthur Ryan Aquino

    Associate Creative Director

    Hungry. Driven. Starving. For Ramen.

    Joey Barreiro


    Pitch, please.

    Gab Bernal

    Art Director

    Friendly as long as my Photoshop® doesn't crash and my files are saved.

    Ara Cabalonga

    Strategic Planner

    Never settle.

    Ana Cadeliña

    Senior Account Manager

    Staying hungry... and thirsty.

    Maritoni Carrillo

    Senior Account Manager

    Kyle Cruz

    Group Account Director

    I'm a determined fighter, a miracle worker, and a survivor. Currently day dreaming of my own island.

    Meda Cruz

    Marketing Assistant

    May the Force be with you. And also with you.

    You may now go in peace.

    Ethel Diño-Datario

    Client Service Director

    An advertising mommy by day and a whole lot more in between of everyday

    Kelly Dawa

    Finance Assistant

    My name is Atlas: Pasan ko ang Earth.

    Oleg de Leon

    Digital Experience Manager

    I stream. Sometimes.


    Hanna Diaz

    Group Account Director

    Neat and organized, except in her handwriting.

    Federico Fanti

    Executive Creative Director

    Simplicity is the extreme degree of sophistication. (Leonardo da Vinci)

    Gio Gamban


    Copywriter by day, copywriter by night.

    Karen Go

    Client Service Director

    I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Francine Kahn-Gonzalez

    Chief Executive Officer

    Leah Gonzales

    Finance Controller

    Everything can be negotiated except timesheets.

    Niño Gonzales


    David Guerrero

    Creative Chairman

    Believes eating salad can save the world.

    Monica Hiceta

    Senior Account Manager

    Don't bother. Busy Dreaming.

    Natalie Sumpaico

    Senior Planner

    Natalia Burgos

    Video Editor / Motion Designer


    Ford Celino

    Video Editor / Motion Designer

    Friday is my second favorite F word!

    Michelle Co

    Art Director

    Crop it like it's hot.

    Lexie Dy

    Creative Director

    You’ll Never Believe How Much Work Gets Done Once This Creative Stops Checking Social Media

    Michelle Edu

    Creative Director

    Error 404

    Eira Gemanil

    Art Director

    Kern, baby, kern.

    Rolly Bellona


    Lala Borja

    Group Account Coordinator

    Walking Information, happy to serve!

    Oliver Brillantes

    Final Artist

    I create beautiful — everything deserves glamour.

    Edwin Bugarin


    Frances Cabatuando

    Associate Creative Director

    (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ big hug~

    Jed Campo

    IT Manager

    Working hard to keep you working. ;)

    Liz Castañeda

    Creative Director

    When in doubt, mumble.

    Caleb Cosico

    Associate Creative Director

    Something something creativity, something art and passion.

    Rommel Enriquez


    Jox Gonzales

    Art Director

    Aspiring to be the first male Sexbomb dancer.

    Jax Guillen

    Art Director

    Stressed but blessed.

    Susan Incierto

    Head of Administration

    Always deal with a good supplier, cheaper but excellent quality. Office should be kept neat and clean!

    El Kawsek

    Senior Strategic Planner

    Expert at actiony buzzwords. Let’s create, strengthen, engage, and transform ourselves today!

    Cielo Laforteza

    Senior Production Traffic Controller

    Without her, final art wouldn't get finalized. She get things done. With cookies to sweeten the deal.

    Celine Larracas

    Senior Account Manager

    Small but chewable - Ceelin

    Pedy Lecaros

    Executive Driver

    Basta Driver, Sweet Lover :D

    Larah Lee

    Senior Strategic Planner

    Time is gold, so don't waste my time.

    Marinell Legaspi


    The only way to do great work is to love what you do. :)

    Gab Los Baños

    Digital Analyst

    Guesswork? Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Angelica Lorenzo

    Client Service Director

    Ronnie Macabales


    Giecelle Magnaye

    Assistant Finance Manager

    Vi Magsino

    Studio Senior Artist

    I hold fast my righteousness & will not let it go; my heart does not reproach me for any of my days.

    Jomar Marasigan

    Final Artist

    Marga Marquez

    Account Director

    Bles Melad

    Community Manager

    Strong Female Lead

    Roshan Nandwani

    Executive Director, Transformation

    Nica Narvarte

    HR Manager

    Fred Nicolas

    Account Director

    Begin like a violin, end like Leviathan, its deep? Well let me try again.

    Paige Ocampo

    Finance Supervisor

    I believe in the saying, "1+1 = it depends".

    Ioni Ofrasio

    Executive Assistant to the Creative Chairman

    When in doubt, Google it.

    Luisa Olarte

    Executive Producer

    Or ExeCUTE-ive Producer.

    Andi Olbes

    Creative Director

    Raphael Orosa

    Account Manager

    你好吗? 我很好

    Joy Panaguiton

    Final Artist

    What is a masterpiece without a little touch of magic?! ;)

    Zeth Pascual

    Print Producer

    Still sexy after 13 years with the company.

    Jo Payot

    Senior Account Manager

    It takes grit & resilience to survive advertising but you need excellence & character to stand out.

    Joyce Pilla

    Finance Assistant

    To Suppliers: Okay po. Ba-bye po.

    Hannah Poblador

    Group Account Director

    GAD must have spent a little more time on you.

    Kimmy Poblador

    Senior Account Manager

    Jamie Que

    Creative Director

    Hey, Emman.

    Emman Carandang

    Creative Director

    Hey, Jamie.

    Cassandra Ralbovsky

    Senior Account Manager

    Aline Ramos

    Executive Assistant

    I’d rather make my heart happy than worry about my budget.

    Seth Rasul


    Carpe dayumn!

    Al Salvador

    Creative Services Director

    Still finding ways to grow back my hair.

    Dianne Sibal

    Business Director, Flare Manila

    Ali Silao

    Head of Art

    Part-time creative director. Full-time boyband member.

    Jane Sindayen

    HR & Traffic Director

    2-in-1 : Sobrang Sulit Pack

    Kaye Sordan

    Account Director

    Merlin Tan

    Assistant Finance Manager

    Time is GOLD but Timesheet is importanter.

    Ara Tejoc


    Dorcas Torres

    Senior Account Manager

    ASC Ref No. J001P012697J

    John M. Unson

    Director of Marketing

    Hates acronyms. Especially designation ones. SMH.

    Manny Vailoces

    Head of Final Art

    Wacom pen & tablet, brush & canvass...love them both! It's my life.

    Veranie Valencia

    Finance Manager

    The Keyword is BALANCE.
    Generating Positive Financial Balances.
    And Having a Balanced Work-Life.

    Manuel Villafania

    Executive Creative Director

    Franco Villaflor


    👁️ ❤️ 🍔🏐🎮🎨

    Liezl Villamor

    Regional Group Account Director

    The sound engineer is the best policy.

    Arnel Villanueva

    Associate Creative Director

    He's your guy who always tries to make everything worth 'Two Thumbs Up'! :)

    David Wright

    Head of Flare / Integrated Production

    Silly walking through life.

    Rachel Yulo

    Creative Director

    About to give birth.

    Nico Zapanta

    Associate Creative Director

    Let's burn the bridge when we get there.