Tony Harris talks about BBDO Guerrero’s new office in Rada

The newest buzz around the block is BBDO Guerrero’s new Beatles-inspired office in Rada Street, Legaspi Village.

It comes to no shock that people in and out of the industry have been talking about the agency’s move. On May 5, 2015, Adobo Magazine featured an article about the office entitled, ’14 photos that will make you wish you work in BBDO Guerrero’s Beatles-themed office.’ Photos showcasing the different areas in the office like the pantry, library, conference rooms, and work areas were released formally to the public for the first time.

Now what people don’t know is that there was another material released by Adobo. A video interviewing BBDO Guerrero Chief Executive Tony Harris was also released online. Here he talked about the idea behind the Beatles-themed office—how the agency hopes to spark creativity and interest while working.

According to Tony, “The most important asset I have go up and down the elevator everyday—are the people who work here. I wanted something that would make them feel that they could think a little harder, that they could spend a little more time, that they could try and come up with something that could be so imaginative—and that’s really, really important to me.”

Watch full video here: