Postcard From Cape Town

Meggy De Guzman, Associate Creative Director has just arrived in Cape Town to work at Net#work BBDO Cape Town for 2 months. She’s going to be posting some of her experiences her on this site as she gets to learn about the South African industry and Cape Town in general. This week, Meggy is just having a poke around her new neighbourhood…

This is view of Table Mountain from the entrance on the V&A Waterfront, which is just walking distance from my apartment. It looks bright and sunny, but don’t let the picture fool you–it’s freezing!

That large, white ferris wheel you see in the middle of the picture is called the Wheel of Excellence. It’s always empty and quite scary actually. I think it’s mostly for tourists.

Lots of people were staring at me as I was walking down this street, they don’t get many Asian tourists here, so I definitely stick out like a sore thumb. Most strangers ask me where I’m from and they’re quite surprised and happy that someone from as far as the Philippines is out here to visit.

Ice Cream Cone & Blue Cheese, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

This interesting sculpture is on the road that leads to the V&A Shopping Centre, commissioned by the Waterfront Sculpture Project . Yes, that’s what it’s called–Ice Cream Cone and Blue Cheese! It’s an homage to Paul Cezanne’s notion that nature should be treated according to the principles of the cylinder. It was done by this artist called Gavin Young.

The best thing is, this sculpture was actually sponsored by two big South African brands. Safcol, which is a logging company, donated the redwood from one of their commercial plantations. And Aylesbury Ice Cream, probably paid for the rest of the materials, that’s why it’s in the shape of an ice cream cone.

The only branding you’ll see is the small, inconspicuous metal plate at the foot of the sculpture.