Postcard From Cape Town No.5: Smart Copy

Meggy has been dutifully sending her dispatches from Cape Town, but due to an overloaded blog admin last week… her update has only just been added to the blog…sorry Meggy

Anyway, here’s Meggy a few words from Cape Town (literally)

Going around Cape Town, you can’t help but notice the witty taglines and headlines for their local shops. As a writer, lines like these make me smile and wonder about the person that wrote it. And not just because two of them involve alcohol.

Then they’ve got it. This is the ‘bottle store’ just around the corner, by the supermarket. I love their tagline! I wish I wrote it.

It’s definitely so you can look rich, for just half an hour. I love the honesty and the humor. Notice the quote at the bottom of the chalkboard, ‘If I cannot smoke in heaven, I shall not go’–Mark Twain. They have several more chalkboards like this outside and in the store, filled with quotes and interesting tidbits about smoking and drinking.

First I thought this was a strip club, till I read the copy beneath it. It’s a very chic, artsy clothing store in the de Waterkant area near work. They’re too cool to even have a window display.

A nice little message from the coffee people at Loading Bay. Notice the strategic placement of my sketch underneath.