Postcard From Cape Town No.3: Cafe Culture

Meggy reports back from Cape Town this week with a tour of the Capetonian Cafe Culture Scene…

This is an amazing coffee place called Truth, built over a slave graveyard. “Slaven Graven” they call it. This is in Prestwich Park, right by the BBDO office. There are posters all around the site to explain the history of the slaves.

All their coffee is local, their food freshly made. It’s inspiring to see a culture so proud of their history and products.

It’s quite common for Capetonians to buy lunch at the grocery. This is a picture of the mini mall and grocery right beside the BBDO office. At the grocery, they make fresh salads, sandwiches, stir-fry, and even sushi.

This is where my officemates and I go for lunch almost every day.

This is a typical café in Cape Town. It’s called Loading Bay and is a usual hangout for BBDO folk for their afternoon coffee or tea. This is where we brainstorm sometimes.