Postcard From Cape Town No.2: The Net#work

This week Meggy is introducing us to the Net#work BBDO office in Cape Town, and giving a tour of her new neighborhood…

This is a mural in the waiting room of Net#work BBDO. I secretly took this on my first day while waiting to meet everyone. It was like the first day of school, waiting to see who all your new classmates will be, where you’re going to be sitting.

This is the office as seen from the main street, Somerset. It’s that building above the petrol (yes, they say petrol, not gas) station with the giant red hash. You can also kind of make out the large South African flag beside the Net#work logo.

It’s a bit blurry since I didn’t want to hold up my phone in the street too long, as I’ve been warned there are lots of muggings in this area. I shouldn’t even be out this late since it’s already dark. Seriously, everyone I meet says DO NOT walk around at night. Anyway, you can sort of make the vintage cars on display to the left of the petrol station. Sometimes the convertibles are out on display and I’m just tempted to jump in and take a picture.

This is a better view of the office from the side, along Waterkant street. The office is in an area called de Waterkant, which is the gay/artsy neighborhood. There are some really cool gay bars just down the road from the office where the gay boys serve drinks in their underwear! Nothing like ending the day with a bottle of Hunters (alcoholic cider) and some topless men.

Sorry, no pictures of that though.