New Philippine tourism campaign launched

In a much-anticipated launch last January 6, Sec. Ramon Jimenez, Jr. officially revealed the new tourism slogan and logo to the press.

‘The campaign is simple and very truthful, but more importantly, answers the question: Why should I come to the Philippines?’ the Secretary said. ‘We need a line that is easily understood. Competitive. And more fun in the Philippines is true.’

As a show of support and solidarity, Filipinos on Twitter instantly started using #itsmorefuninthephilippines. In a just a few hours after the launch, the country’s slogan became the number one trending topic worldwide. For over 24 hours.

‘The response has been very positive.’ commented presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, in an official statement on Malacañang’s support for the new campaign.

Aside from being picked up by every news outfit in the country, what was more impressive was the amount of traction and attention the idea got in just four days.

The website got over 160,000 unique visits—with 1800 simultaneous users at its peak. People sent in over 4000 emails, all of which were positive.

The idea was so popular, 50 unofficial Facebook pages popped up over the weekend, with the most popular ones having over 7,000 likes.

There was such an overwhelming number of user-generated photos and ads, that a fan even put up a website called devoted solely to It’s More Fun in the Philippines memes.

The campaign was ranked first in this week’s Top 20 at AdCritic and was pick of the day at Creativity Online. It was also featured in, the Huffington Post, and Ad Age in the last week.