Hate Late?

BBDO Guerrero has created a new campaign for their client, Pizza Hut which aims to get every Pinoy’s time in sync with the Philippine Standard Time (PST). This campaign is part of Pizza Hut’s well-established ‘Hate Late’ campaign which is testament to its commitment to on-time delivery. The ‘Juan Time’ initiative is launched in conjunction with the Department Of Science And Technology (DOST) and Discovery Channel.

DOST have already launched their ‘Juan Time’ campaign for synchronizing time and this will give the initiative new impetus – http://www.abscbnnews.com/lifestyle/09/26/11/juan-time-filipino-time-redefined.

The integrated campaign will kick off with a one-off event on the 30th December at the Smart Araneta Coliseum which will contain a ‘Pre-Countdown Countdown’ as a practice run for the real thing on New Year’s Eve.

A tweeting clock has been set up by Pizza Hut at https://twitter.com/imtherealphtime so you can follow the events as they unfold and synchronise your time to the Philippine atomic clock.

The campaign will be further supported by press and radio executions to reinforce Pizza Hut’s ‘Hate Late’ connection with the ‘Juan Time’ initiative.

David Guerrero, Chairman and CCO of BBDO Guerrero, said, ‘In England, they watch New Year in with Big Ben and in New York, everyone is fixed on Times Square but here no-one can agree when New Year comes in exactly so it seemed the perfect opportunity for those most punctual of services for Pizza Hut to become involved with this synchronizing initiative. What better New Year’s resolution than to start the year on time’.