‘Give the Gift of Light’ This Christmas

Pepsi Philippines is partnering with My Shelter Foundation, to install more solar bottle lights this Christmas. The campaign, devised by BBDO Guerrero, is designed to get spread support for the grassroots solar lighting campaign in The Philippines and beyond.

This seasonal initiative is one of the first under a new global identity for the project – called a “Liter of Light.” A ‘Give the Gift of Light’ e-card being launched today allows individuals to donate directly to the project at www.aliteroflight.org.

Solar Bottle Lights provide an innovative minimal-cost, carbon-free lighting solution for low-income communities. Discarded plastic soft-drink bottles are filled with water and a small amount of bleach. The bottle then refracts the sun’s rays to produce daytime lighting equivalent to a 55W electric bulb.

The project gained a special mention by UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christina Figueres at the recent 2011 World Climate summit in Durban, South Africa. She described it as “a practical example of battling the effects of climate change and at the same time overcoming poverty.”

The simplicity of the idea has also attracted huge positive interest in the media with TV news coverage on the BBC, NHK and many other broadcasters. Many influential bloggers and online media have featured the project whilst it has also been presented at TEDx Mumbai and Dubai.

The Head of the Foundation, Illac Diaz said, “Basic lighting would seem to be a fundamental right for any community and yet too often in our crowded urban areas, it simply doesn’t exist. By the easy application of previously-used plastic bottles we can create a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for basic lighting needs”.

Sunil D’Souza, Country Head of Pepsi Philippines, also stated, “Through BBDO’s efforts, Pepsi have already enjoyed a successful partnership with Illac and his team. We are looking forward to another ‘upcycling’ project in which we can develop a programme that can build partnerships with those who want to support, whilst at the same time providing access to help for those who need it most”.

David Guerrero, Chairman of BBDO Guerrero said, “There has already been an enormous amount of interest, in this project and it is very satisfying that we together with our friends at MyShelter and Pepsi can help to bring this uniquely Filipino initiative to a worldwide audience”.