BBDO Guerrero helps streets kids learn the basic concepts of electronics to increase job prospects

Childhope is a leader in providing education to the country’s 1.5 million street children. BBDO Guerrero, a decade-long partner of the organization, together with tech start-up Tactiles has created an interactive learning system that teaches street kids basic electronics.

This innovation, called ‘Street Cubes’ is a set of portable interlocking blocks that operate together with a laptop or tablet to provide a series of 100 exercises, designed to build and reward knowledge of electronic circuitry – the basis of many tech and engineering skills.

Chips Guevara, President Childhope board says ‘Street Cubes’ will be a very helpful tool in getting kids to get interested and learn about electronics. The children will feel like they are just playing because it looks and feels like a toy, but really teaches very real electronic concepts.

BBDO Guerrero Creative Chairman David Guerrero says: “we are hopeful that this will be the start of a comprehensive program of technical education that equips street children with the tools they will need to navigate the modern world and prepare them for future job opportunities.”