BBDO Guerrero develops unique influencer campaign for Lay’s Philippines

BBDO Guerrero has launched a campaign for Lay’s Philippines with internet sensation Nico Bolzico. The brand never had a celebrity infuencer until Nico actually pitched to be one. It began with an Instagram story from the celebrity saying: “Lots of people are asking me if I endorse Lay’s Philippines. The truth is I’m dying to literally!” Fans immediately supported this and Lay’s took notice.

BBDO Guerrero and Lay’s challenged Nico to promote and create awareness for its flavour variants Barbecue, Cheddar and Sour Cream which he eagerly accepted. Using all his resources, from his family in Argentina to Patato his pet turtle, Nico showed Lay’s how he can tell an exciting flavour story and get the support of all his followers. Impressed,  Lay’s launched a campaign with digital, point-of-sale and out-of-home components.

Frito Lay Marketing Manager Raymond Valenzuela shares: “Nico’s humor, love for the brand, and his involvement in the campaign helped us to genuinely connect and relate to our consumers, especially our online community.”

BBDO Guerrero Creative Chairman David Guerrero says: “We enjoyed collaborating with both our client and influencer partner. We seized every opportunity, responded with agility, and look forward to great results.”

View the online film here: