The Philippines. 7,107 islands filled with natural wonders, fantastic beaches and friendly people. So when you ask someone, "Why should I visit the Philippines?" you'd probably get 7,107 different answers. This made it quite tricky for the Deparatment of Tourism to sum up everything cool about the country in one campaign. You see, The Philippines has got everything its neighbours have and more except for a single answer to why people should come on over. Well, we came up with one: It's more fun in the Philippines. And this spot explains why.


This is the same material that won us the account last year and racked up over 850 shares on Facebook within the first 6 hours it was released. You can always count on Filipinos to come together and work towards a common goal. That's bayanihan in action which is one of the things our latest TV spot for DOT highlights. The 15-second spot below aired all around the world just last week.